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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
The Many Faces of Worship: "If Only"
You will need 8 minutes and 11 seconds for this one. It's the power of a movement-- our movement-- only they aren't aware of it yet.

I watched this with my youngest, Sam (3). No kidding, about half way through he started dancing too.

If only. . . . . . .



posted by John David Walt | at 7/15/2009 09:40:00 AM



Blogger Kendra said...

"I'll just go until the money runs out." (Paraphrase from his website) And when his money ran out, Stride rose up. Twice! I can't believe a gum company caught onto a vision - and funded all of it!

We're not the only ones with an eye to the nations. Having an eye for the nations is common now, but having the heart of God for the nations is not.

9:24 PM EDT  

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