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Friday, June 12, 2009
Worship Star. A satyrical commentary in song on the rise of the Celebrity Worship Leader

The views portrayed in this video do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog or commentator. (thanks to Neil Smith for the link)

But let's be honest-- isn't there something a bit oxy-moronic about "Famous Worship Leader."

One more thought. It's not so much the present day "Worship Stars" that I'm concerned about. Most of the ones I know didn't seek out fame nor do they exploit it. My concern lies in what I think this video is all about-- the thousands of persons who follow and imitate these so called "worship stars." It's amazing how God exaltation can so quickly become self exaltation in the name of God. How can this be avoided?
posted by John David Walt | at 6/12/2009 12:31:00 AM



Blogger Kendra said...

I'm dislodging a dagger from my own heart. Been dealing with the pain and spiritual numbing of my own pride lately.

One thing I noticed many years ago is that some of the infatuation with teachers and leaders in my own life was really just my own self-infatution. But through facing it, the Lord has allowed me to see with more sensitivity my own hurting and naked generation.

John Piper just sent out a message about this "Hero Worshipand Holy Emulation." Good thoughts to ruminate on.

Last random thought. Though my writing has ceased for a while, I have written two devotionals on guarding your heart. For a several months, if not more, probably about 60-75% of the traffic to my blog has been people googling about guarding your heart. (I don't get much traffic, but still.) It astounded me, and still astounds me. There are a lot of people, probably many who are Christians, wanting to know how to guard their hearts.

I think HOW to avoid self-exaltation is a big question that people really do want to hear about. Deep down, we know idolatry just doesn't match up with the riches of God.

10:52 PM EDT  
Blogger Rahel said...

Right now I read the book "The World Aflame: The Welsh Revival and Its Lessons For Our Time" written by Rick Joyner in 1993. It touched me to read that they even did not have any worship leader during the revival. The Spirit himself brought forth the worship in the hearts of people and they just followed Him.

8:38 AM EDT  
Blogger Kendra said...

Rahel, I LOVE that you are meditating and worshipping on God's place in history! That is wisdom in action.

10:17 PM EDT  
Blogger NAJS said...

JD, we share the same concern.

The guy who posted this vid says in his notes, it was in reaction to having asked a young band what their plans were musically and he was shocked by their answer, which focused on potential fiscal rewards.

I believe the challenge is to provide strong spiritual mentors/advisors to people (young & older) we identify talent in.

As a young man I was identified as a musician & worshiper and encouraged to the front to lead. I was put in an influential/responsible position and encouraged to lead, but I had little accountability and wasn't in a home group for years. Years later I'm still leading and grateful for God surrounding me with good straight-talking friends and a family rooted in him.

However, It's not enough for us to identify potential gifting and provide opportunities to people. People/Leaders are so keen to get "in" or "ahead" of "the game" that they are in danger of forgetting their duty to those people. We are all called to be stewards, and I don't believe that relates purely to money or possessions...

In business we talk about Human Capital for the purposes of maximising profit. We should be challenged to see people, regardless of demographic, as talents (think parable). Talents (people) you coach, discuss, advise, challenge, train for the greater glory of God and for no other reason.

Dismounting soapbox…

5:40 AM EDT  
Blogger John David Walt said...

NAJS-- like your sentiment here-- though the reference to people as "talents" while I get it--- will inherently be misunderstood I fear-- as it can move toward the commodification of people sort of problem.

thanks for commenting.

7:10 AM EDT  
Blogger NAJS said...

After a re-read, it's clear I failed to draw a strong enough distinction :o(

People are precious to God and therfore should be to us. We need to invest in those both inside and outside the church responsibly.

Invest not related to money... well not directly!

7:27 AM EDT  

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