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Sunday, May 24, 2009
The Academy of Flight. Graduation Poem
What if
instead of mortar boards
the Graduates flew?
Black robes stretching out
like bat suits;
Utility belts of Truth
holding it all together.
"Not Possible!" you say.
That's Hogwartz Hogwash!"
"Gravity Rules!"

But what if
Heaven's Gravity is greater
overcoming the Earthen bound
lifting the humble from the dust
making humans fly
in the aeronautical tradition
of the Graduate
of Golgotha.

Several years ago I began a practice of writing a poem during the often lengthy graduation services I sit through twice per year. It helps me be reflective in what can be a quite redundant ceremony.

posted by John David Walt | at 5/24/2009 11:27:00 AM



Blogger The LeRoys said...

Reading your thoughts from a distance, I can't help but think of the spiral diagram you draw (inspiring your new term, spirilical!). If I remember right, you say that the Christian year is not a redundant circle, but a growing spiral motion, and each year we get to discover new things, see fresh truth from within the expanding pattern. Well, it seems to be happening for you. Enjoying the view from here, watching you try to fully engage and experience each season / celebration. Much love.

6:39 PM EDT  
Blogger jeremiah said...

great one- graduate of golgatha

6:41 PM EDT  
Anonymous guy m williams said...

love it, JD. one of the best yet. see you this week, I presume.

11:08 PM EDT  
Blogger Matt Rapach said...

great poem....love the imagery.

11:57 PM EDT  
Blogger John David Walt said...

Wow-- 4 comments on one of my poems! a new record. ;-)

thanks friends.

9:07 AM EDT  

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