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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Worship Central: Resource

I had a great time with Tim Hughes and Al Gordon out in California last week at their Worship Central America gathering. Tim and Al lead worship at Holy Trinity Brompton in London and continue to grow a ministry of encouragement and equipping to worship leaders across the World. 

I was looking on their website today to see what had been put up from the conference when I found this recording of my teaching with them at the Chicago conference this time last year.  In the recording I outline a job description and suggested curriculum for a worship leader around the following headings:  Theologian, Priest, Pastor, Prophet. I also do some teaching on Romans 12:1-2, offering a large framed theology of worship.  Yes-- I had two days of material for an hour of teaching and so I hardly get it covered.  However, it gives you a sense of some of my worship thinking. 


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