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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Ordering Worship: Part 4

Here's a discussion question:

What is the opposite of order?

I'll ring in with my thoughts in the comment section or perhaps in the next post. Please share your thoughts and rationales.


posted by John David Walt | at 3/17/2009 03:01:00 AM



Blogger JAy. said...

In dictionary terms, the things that spring to mind: chaos, entropy, disorder, confusion.

In a church, it depends, I think, on the people that make that particular congregation, or even a particular service.

In our church's traditional service, no order would lead to confusion, frustration, and lack of participation. In our contemporary service, I think the reaction would be minimal.

As I said previously, for some folks, no order of worship for the service may be the highest form of worship. For others, it may be such a distraction that worship ceases.

9:15 AM EDT  
Blogger John D. Palmer said...


Listen. Order is inherent in creation. We see order being demonstrated in scripture from Genesis throughout Revelation. Order is how we are in relationship to God.

There are some who might think they are participating in a spontaneous worship experience and that may be the "design" of that worship experience that those being led in worship would "feel" spontaneous however creating that experience was not without plan and order.

In a desire to be spontaneous in worship you lean intuitively on to orderliness just in singing songs which have tune and tempo's that are inherently ordered just so they may be sung.

If you happen to trip up in your effort to be spontaneous in worship then it will be what we worship leaders like to refer to as a "train wreck" Train wrecks are the lack of order and everyone that is present knows when it happens. It isn't worshipful anymore, and can impede further efforts to worship in such a way that those present might even get up and leave.

You want to get into the particulars of Order in Worship? Some key components that have not been feathered out of the big 4 are confession, repentence, Pardon, Peace, Invocation, Silence, Praise, Thanksgiving, Proclamation

God is orderly and desires that we live orderly. God breathed and there was Day and Night. This wasn't a happenstance, or side affect of creation. It was by design that we have Day and Night. So worship is also ordered. It might not be in a bulletin for all to see. Or on the projection screen for all to follow. But there is order and An Order.

6:26 PM EDT  

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