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Sunday, March 01, 2009
The Many Faces of Worship

Enough Said.

Hat tip to Josh Agerton.


posted by John David Walt | at 3/01/2009 03:01:00 AM



Blogger JAy. said...


Don't know which I prefer: this version or the one my Music Director at church did this last week.

Sure, my music director is classically trained and sounds a little better, but that girl is CUTE!

7:41 PM EST  
Blogger Kelly Lawson said...

Have you seen the other videos of this girl? Playing the piano, singing "I Love You, Lord" as a Happy Valentine's Day song to Jesus... at age 2 and a half? So great.

11:45 PM EST  
Blogger John David Walt said...

we've seen em all-- whole family loves this girl.


7:46 PM EST  

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