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Friday, March 20, 2009

"I need to look through. . . . . to the governing dynamics." John Nash (no comparison intended. ;-) )


posted by John David Walt | at 3/20/2009 09:29:00 AM



Blogger Kendra said...

I really like the Phos Hilaron (slightly altered by CT) at the end of that lesson. It was a great touch.

12:30 PM EDT  
Blogger sandra r. said...

Yah, I love "Joyous Light (Hail, Gladdening Light)" because of the prominence of the Trinity in it, and there's something about singing "we hymn..." that stirs up excitement for the unity we have as the Body of Christ and encouragement that we're not in this alone...

I remember the first time I saw this diagram in this worship seminary video series. I really had to wrestle with it at first, but it was amazing to see how God used ministry & worship experiences and particular moments from His Word to connect all the dots and lead me back to these dynamics. My worship theology hasn't been the same since that time. It always seems like more than my heart & mind can grasp, but it's good...

10:58 PM EDT  
Blogger The LeRoys said...

The wizard of the whiteboard. Love this...and miss it.

12:59 AM EDT  

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