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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
The Story of Worship and Mission: Part 7

Finally, we get back to the Worship and Mission series begun here some months ago.  If you are just joining us or need a refresher, click here, scroll to the bottom and read your way up through the six part series so far. Part 6 in particular will bring you up to speed. Despite the fact that we've lost momentum, if you will tune in, this series will surprise you in what could be a powerful fashion.  In the series we are establishing a biblical trajectory for the union of worship and mission. 

We left off with David purchasing the threshing floor from Arunah the Jebusite. Many scholars believe that this is the same threshing floor where Ruth met Boaz, and extended the mercy of redemption. This same threshing floor became the foundation of the Temple constructed by Solomon. 

Remember-- Levitical law readily interweaves concerns for proper worship in the tabernacle with care for widows, orphans, aliens and the poor. (i.e. leave grain in the fields).  Ruth, an alien widow gleaned behind the harvesters in the field of Boaz.  Ruth and Boaz connect on the threshing floor. They give birth to Obed which  downstreams generationally to David. David purchases the threshing floor from Arunah the Jebusite. Solomon builds the temple on the site of the threshing floor.  

Coming Soon. . . . . . . John the Baptist, makes an amazing connection profoundly linking the past with the future. . . . . stay tuned.  This is going to blow you away.  


posted by John David Walt | at 2/10/2009 03:01:00 AM



Blogger Kendra said...

You're just gonna leave it like that?! Name drop the JB and walk away?

6:56 PM EST  
Blogger sandra r. said...

I was so excited about all of this after Part 6 that I did some more studying on it. I looked up Scripture passages containing "threshing floor" (gotta love BibleGateway's keyword search engine).
Interestingly enough, there were only two passages in the New Testament (NIV) with "threshing floor", but I can't seem to grasp the extent of the connections (and I'm sure it's right in front of my face!)

Ready to see how this plays out!

12:17 AM EST  
Blogger Aaron Perry said...

Why do scholars believe these to be the same threshing floors?

12:08 PM EST  
Blogger John David Walt said...

AP-- because they are in the same place. i'll get back with more on this later. thanks for reading and for your writing on the stackhouse blog.

9:47 PM EST  

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