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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
This just in. Interesting NY Times story on Chris Tomlin
Check it out.  

Here's my question:  What captures this NY Times reporter's attention?
posted by John David Walt | at 1/27/2009 02:51:00 PM



Blogger John D. Palmer said...

Absence of music, Absence of Voice

4:48 PM EST  
Blogger sandra r. said...

Now there's a description: "tender-voiced and indefatigably genial" And from the NY Times... nice...

I think this reporter summed it up in his own words: "When is it all right for a concert to not be a concert? When the message matters as much as, or more than, the music."

It seems that maybe there was a realization on his part (although maybe not cognitively) of the fact that the night was not about "Mr. Tomlin" (or his music), but it was about something much greater...
making a difference in the world for the sake of the Kingdom... the flame being held high... the Light of His Presence being made manifest through the unity of the body of Christ singing and giving all glory, honor, and praise to Him...

By the way, JD, when is Worship & Mission Part 7 coming? :)

2:17 AM EST  
Blogger Rob said...

i think he was impressed by "mr. tomlin's" (seemed like he was describing mr. tumnus) savviness and mind control abilities.

i say the second because it seemed to me that the reporter was amazed by how the crowd "slipped into un-self-conscious fandom." i don't think the reporter thought it was fandom of God, but fandom of mr. tumnus...oops, tomlin.

8:54 AM EST  
Anonymous John said...

he got put in the same league as the Jonas Brothers...wow...high praise from the NYT!
How Great is Our God is the most sung song in American churches for the last 2 years? That IS pretty incredible, given the short shelf life most praise songs have in our churches.
And to think, you get to write songs with the man from time to time.

2:10 PM EST  

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