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Monday, November 10, 2008
The Many Faces of Worship
This just in. Seriously, you can be the 1,558,339th person to see this one. Warning: I'm not mocking. . . . . just having some FARMStrong fun. (and seriously-- this body has hit the floor before.)


posted by John David Walt | at 11/10/2008 09:05:00 PM



Blogger ode2immortality said...

I can take the humor even though that kind of thing was fairly common at a church that I was on staff at for a while.

We wanted to do that video thing to AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long"...

11:16 PM EST  
Blogger Markio said...

I'm fairly pentecostal... that was hilarious, the funniest thing I've seen for ages.

7:08 AM EST  
Blogger Jamey said...

Do you remember that music-less Ash Wednesday service in Estes Chapel when I touched the forehead of that lady and said, "From ashes you've come and to ashes you've returned," and she hit the floor?

10:05 AM EST  
Blogger John David Walt said...

i remember-- will never forget it. ;-)

2:52 PM EST  
Anonymous chris heuertz said...

JD, you guys got to get him for chaple sometime-that'd be off the hook!~

11:00 AM EST  
Blogger ziondreamer said...

O M G.

12:29 AM EST  
Blogger Dan Lowe said...

I always wondered how Hinn's body guards (the guys making sure people don't crack their skulls open) were immune to the "touch" of Holy Hinn?

11:10 AM EST  

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