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Monday, September 15, 2008
FARMStrong Fall Season

It's time to get moving again here on FARMStrong. Three big ideas: STORY. TRINITY. WORLD. Each of them like massive doors opening into the grand cathedral of worship. My thoughts about worship will most often enter into the conversation through one of these doors. If you are interested in the prior conversation along any of these lines, you can click on the appropriate tab and catch up. I repeat myself often, though trying to practice what I call "creative redundancy." ;-)

I am working to effect three major shifts in thinking about worship. Most worship I see and experience is designed around an abstract theme. Much of the worship I see and experience is Unitarian in its approach and most worship I see and experience is oriented around preparation for mission instead of mission itself. So here are the big shifts:

From Theme to Story
From Unitarian to Trinitarian
From Preparation to Missional

I will shoot for two to three posts a week and treasure your comment engagement and interaction. Thanks for joining me here. I welcome you to share this conversation and invite others to join. In addition I will be working off-line to do some farm-improvement work on the blog. It's got a long way to go, but we've come so far. In November we will celebrate entry into our 5th year of blogging. It all started with a single post. Any thoughts you have on improvements or enhancements of the site-- cool tools, widgets, stuff I don't know about and stuff I can't live without-- give me a comment.

artwork by Teresa VanderMolen-- taken from our Fall KingdomTide Reader


posted by John David Walt | at 9/15/2008 05:30:00 PM



Blogger Michael said...

very eugene. looking forward to your fall lineup.

10:47 PM EDT  
Blogger Eric said...

"preparation for mission instead of mission itself" Well said! That has been bothering me for some time and now I have words for it. Thanks! Looking forward to the upcoming posts.

11:25 PM EDT  
Anonymous John D. Palmer said...

The notion of Theme to Story has been one that has brought some conviction to me in preparation of worship. For the sake of conversation though, I'm not certain that "theme" should be left out of our worship as opposed to "story". I am convicted that the Story of God should most definitely inhabit all of our worship, that stated, I'm not convinced that story has to be told without "theme", in fact, I think that the story incorporates "themes". I might be tracking your notion of "theme" incorrectly, but it seems to me that the existence of the liturgical calendar is an example of "the Story" being told "thematically"

It will be interesting to see you map through Unitarian to Trinitarian. For me the notion of "three in one" has a focal point of "one" not necessarily "three". My first thought when reading that was for David who is the author of a significant portion of our "holy writ" especially informing on worship. Was his view of God Unitarian or Trinitarian? If you say Trinitarian, you will have some work to do.

Preparation to Missional. Again it will be interesting to see how you will delve into this. My first instinct is that worship is and should be both.

Looking forward to the conversations.

2:18 PM EDT  
Blogger Rob said...

this is the best kingdomtide reader ever, or else it may just be this is the first time i've been able to fully engage. perhaps both.

9:09 AM EDT  

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