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Sunday, June 22, 2008
Learning the Story of Scripture
As you may have picked up, three primary ideas capture my theology of Christian Worship:  Story, Trinity, and World.  

People regularly ask me about helpful resources to further study these ideas. When it comes to the Story, the obvious resource is the Bible.  However, when we have been reading the Bible a certain way for so long, it is hard to see it from any other perspective.  For example, much of our discipleship has taught us to read Scripture from what I call an "extraction" paradigm.  In other words, we go into the Bible to find something relevant to extract for our own life situation or need.  I'm not calling that a wrong way of reading; though I would challenge us to develop a larger framework.  I advocate for what I call an "immersion" paradigm.  How can we read the Bible as Story and further, how do we read it such that we orient ourselves inside of the Story or immersed in it.  More on that to come here.  

In addition to whatever way we primarily read the Bible, we must learn to read it as a Story.  Certainly many people are thinking and writing and speaking about this.  I want to recommend a particular book I have found helpful in this regard.  "The Drama of Scripture:  Finding our Place in the Biblical Story," by Bartholomew and Goheen.  I'll try and offer a representative quote or two and perhaps the Table of Contents later this week to give you more of a feel for the book.  


posted by John David Walt | at 6/22/2008 09:17:00 PM



Anonymous Isaac Downing said...

Hey JD! I heard you speak yesterday in Peoria at worship central saturday.

I'm so thankful you were there to teach and encourage us, and am really looking forward to joining the conversation here on your blog.

Talk to you soon... and God bless!

9:49 PM EDT  
Blogger chad said...

This was the first book I read at Asbury, and I remember how much I enjoyed it. Looking forward to the interaction....now I will go dig out my copy.

11:14 PM EDT  
Blogger iheartpadrons said...

hey--this article popped up and i figured you (all) might want to give it a read: defining worship, especially through defining what it's not...an interesting read.


10:16 AM EDT  
Anonymous guy m williams said...

always love the distinct between the "extraction" and "immersion" paradigms for Scripture in Christian formation (as disciples & communities). good stuff JD, thanks.

4:31 PM EDT  

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