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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
14 Stations of . . . . . .
This blog is devoted to stimulating thought and conversations about the best Christian worship practices.  From time to time I like to share the other 14 stations of the internet I am enjoying.  Here's the latest:  

1.   Check out this Wall Street Journal piece on what I'm calling Giga-Churches (i.e.  a few steps above Mega).  My question:  Kingdom or Empire?  

2.  What the internet is doing to our brains.  Is Google making us Stoopid?   (a thoughtful article from Atlantic Monthly's latest issue)

3.  A fascinating film festival being run by subversive Christians to evangelize the secular world of filmmakers and being backed by a big fat hedge-fund.  Top prize = $100K.  I spent a few hours with these guys this past weekend at ichthus.  

4.  MOMFB-- translated:  "Making Other Mommies Feel Better," a fun blog-post lowering the bar in the insanely challenging task of motherhood (or parenthood for that matter).  

5.  Another "comfort" for parents from Sojourners Magazine entitled, "The Heresy of the Perfect Parent."  

6.  Could this be my next car?  Interesting Atlantic Monthly essay on General Motor's big wager-- the Chevy Volt.  

7.  More on what I want for my children's schools.  "Turning Learning Right Side Up:  Putting Education Back on Track."   And while you are at it, check out this creative website "Change This Manifesto Site."  Also see the book by these same guys which I am about to read.  

8.  Archaeologists find seed near Dead Sea from the era of Jesus-- 2000 years old, and it sprouts.  

9.  My colleague, Alan Hirsch, recommends his friend, Michael Frost's new, innovative missional training resource, Exilio.  Check it out.   These two co-authored a fantastic survey text on mission in post-modernity called, The Shaping of Things to Come:  Innovation and Mission for the 21st Century Church.  

10.  I've enjoyed following the imaginative and ambitious Passion  World Tour.  They recently completed the first leg of the journey.  Get a feel for the scope of the project here.  

11.  A stellar reading list on the Church emerging in the World today-- compiled by Andrew Jones (who may be the top Christian blogger in the World)

12.  A Survey of the new breed of adjective describing what is happening in the Church today:  Emerging, Emergent, and Missional. . . . . . . . . .Emerging, Missional, Mosaic, Monastic . . . . . . . . . . . .  Does this shed any light on your question Guy?  

13.  Chad, the Team Leader of our new Worship Design Team, features a fun way of sharing music on a blog.  Do it yourself here.  

14.  An unbelievable home movie of a 2 year old named Lilly giving the world a geography lesson.  

posted by John David Walt | at 6/17/2008 01:17:00 PM



Anonymous John page said...

JD, I thought You were the top blogger in the world, not Andrew!

Thanks for another eclectic mix of stuff to read and ponder.

9:45 AM EDT  
Blogger JAy. said...

Definitely some great stuff in there, JD.

I did think it ironic that the "Is Google making us Stupid" article ran a couple thousand words long (estimate, I didn't count). Kind of counter to the point of the article!

God Bless,

10:41 AM EDT  

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