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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Worship Quote of the Week

"To achieve worship in spirit and truth we must look at the content of worship, not just the sincere intent of individual worshipers. We may have deeply moving experiences in worship but, without a full, through-Jesus-Christ revealing of God, how do we know it is a true experience of the true God?" (Lester Ruth. Worship True to God.)

Do you agree? What about this notion of worshipping in spirit but not quite in Truth? Does worshipping in Truth depend completely on the worshiper or does it depend on the way the worship service is designed? Can you have a fantastic experience of worship built on shoddy worship design? What are the implications of that?

I like what Lester is saying here. A good-feeling worship experience is not contrary to good theology and yet it may be quite devoid of it. In other words, a good experience in worship does not depend on good ideas behind the elements of worship. . . . . . . does it? Any examples anyone could share where this is the case?

Any thoughts on what are the essential ideas--- the basic theology?

BTW-- I'm working on a Part 3 to the Job Description of a Worship Leader series.
posted by John David Walt | at 6/03/2008 07:30:00 AM



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