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Saturday, May 24, 2008
The Real World
Today we held our graduation at the seminary.  
Lots of families and friends from all over joined us.  
It got me to wondering how they understood and perceived it all.  
I mean, it was a pretty explicit and unabashed celebration of the Gospel.  
In a way the world came to us today.
Now 300 or so graduates head out into all parts of the world.
This short clip (2:28) is pretty funny and yet not so funny as it probably is more true
than we want to admit. Any thoughts?

posted by John David Walt | at 5/24/2008 10:14:00 PM



Anonymous john page said...

disturbingly humorous and quite sad at the same time. I would think that many people probably feel as the character does...confused about Jesus and thus not really able to go forward with Jesus...because certain followers of Jesus get in the way of Jesus.

9:27 AM EDT  
Blogger irishtater said...

What a nice way to start thinking about what a Wesleyan understanding of soteriology might look like. In my part of Northern Maine the Wesleyan Church is trying to be seen as "mainstream" Evangelical despite its ordination of women not being popular in this camp and so it is hiding the beautiful Wesleyan theological hues we have inherited. Paul's God is certainly a Holy God who requires blood for sin, but John and Charles' soteriology breathes some new life into a more Calvinist, though more popular (and that perhaps because it is more simple to explain; more punitive and systematic) understanding of the redemptive work (might I say "works"?) of Christ. Even as I write these words I hear a voice in my head try to push me back from a picture of an all-loving God - the edge of universalism. Very curious...

3:30 PM EDT  
Blogger Leanne Penny said...

I love it when very real problems we're facing and experiencing and presented with such humor and candor.

9:13 PM EDT  
Blogger chad said...


This is really true. The most confusing parts of the Gospel handled as delicately as doing brain surgery with a pipe. But often enough, this is the way the subject is treated.

Thanks for the post JD

12:32 PM EDT  
Blogger Jamey said...

This makes me want to move to the UK! Check out this incredibly cool British evangelism thingy: http://www.rejesus.co.uk/expressions/chocolate_theology/index.html#

10:14 PM EDT  
Blogger Jamey said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:14 PM EDT  
Anonymous guy m williams said...

saw this on another blog earlier in the spring. makes it hurt so good... reminded my how glad I was to have read Joel Green & Mark Baker's Recovering the Scandal of the Cross while in seminary. a much better guide to atonement theology than what's generally on offer in conservative evangelical circles, to which this video attests.

7:58 PM EDT  

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