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Monday, May 12, 2008
Pentecostal Poetry

Here's one I've previously run on FARMStrong that is making a second coming. It's a poem I released back in 2004 called Pentecost. See the story of scripture traced through fiery images. I'd be interested in how you experience this piece.

"Fire!" breathed Heaven, at the speed of Light
Declaring day, destroying night
Dark struck back with apple’s snake bite
Now swords of fire to guard Eden’s delight

"Fire!" breathed Heaven, cut covenant right
While Abram dreamed of Egypt’s blight
As unconsumed a bush burned bright
Became Firey guide faith’s pillar of sight

"Fire!" breathed Heaven, shew Gideon’s might
Clay pots trumpeting, torch wielding fright
Fire on mountain won Elijah’s fight
Chariot aflame gave Heavenly flight

"Fire!" breathed Heaven, signed inbreaking Light
King chasing star pursued like a kite
In swaddling clothes his mother wrapped tight
Blazing Son of God Satan’s kryptonite

"Fire!" breathed Heaven, on torches of spite
Dark’s final blow, death’s cruciform smite
Candle snuffed out in sepulcher’s plight
Light of World swallowed by tomb’s appetite

"Fire!" breathed Heaven, said Angel in white
Jesus is Risen! A new record height
High Court decision reverses snake’s bite
History’s future demands a re-write

"Fire!" breathed Heaven, Disciples contrite
Amid falling flames of power and might
Unlearned men suddenly erudite
Religious scholars forever uptight

John David Walt, Jr.
Pentecost 2004
posted by John David Walt | at 5/12/2008 02:56:00 PM



Blogger R.S. said...

Extraordinary. Your poem captures the 2 sides of the mysterious nature of the HS described by Cantalamessa- The Spirit is holy, transcendent; yet breath, gentle nearness.

these words make me think that we haven't told the story well during pentecost...somehow the holy spirit gets "separated" on the one sunday we preach about him.

10:51 AM EDT  

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