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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
KingdomTide Study on the Holy Spirit continues. . .
Despite my failure to keep you abridged, I have continued in my reading of Father Cantalamessa's commentary on the Veni Creator, the great hymn to the Holy Spirit-- Come Creator Spirit. I'm almost done. Following is a prayer from a medieval author, William of St. Thierry, that comes from the latter part of the book.

Hurry, then, to have a share in the Holy Spirit.
He is present when you call on him,
and if you call on him it is because he is present in you.
He is the rushing river that brings joy to the city of God.
He will show you what God the Father keeps hidden
from the learned and the wise of this world.
God is Spirit and those who adore him must adore in spirit and in truth,
so too it is fitting that those who long to understand him and to know him
must seek in the Holy Spirit alone
the insight of faith and the meaning of Truth pure and simple.
In the darkness and ignorance of this life, to the poor in spirit,
he is light that enlightens,
he is love that enraptures,
he is gentleness most moving,
he is our access to God,
he is the love of the one who loves,
he is dedication, he is devotion.
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