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Sunday, October 07, 2007
FARMStrong interviews Chris Tomlin

This turned out to be a good interview/article between Tiffani, Chris and myself. Thanks to the Asbury Herald for running it.
posted by John David Walt | at 10/07/2007 10:02:00 PM



Blogger brandon said...


I really enjoyed this article. After receiving my Asbury Hearld in the mail a couple of weeks ago, I have spoken of this interview with several people and will send them to your blog to read it.

The young adults group I lead have also engaged in the subject of not being caught up in advancing our own name or agenda, but to die to that dream. It was a timely article for the subect we have been studying.

It was good to see some photos of you, Tiffani, and Chris as well.

One more thing, it is good to have you back on the blog again. I know there will be more good stuff to come.

Hope we can talk soon,


2:24 PM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Article!

Was wanting to read/hear more...however the Bonus Feature at the Online-Chapel does not have the recorded interview as is stated in the article....

Is it already gone from there?

4:55 PM EDT  
Blogger eli said...

i guess you could say this is a non-comment, jd. i'm not commenting on this post (though i did read the article)...i'm just saying hello and glad to see the john deere engine running again.

11:39 PM EDT  
Blogger Birdie said...


I do not know anything about Blogs. I just got a password so I hope this works. I went to a wedding last weekend for a mutual friend (Hut). I got asked several times how you were doing. I hate to admit but I did not really know. Noone could believe that we no longer stayed in touch. Someone mentioned that you had been writing songs. When I got back, I googled my oldest friend. I found this site and the article with Chris Tomlin. I spent the rest of the evening reading the FarmStrong site.

It looks like you, Tiffani and the kids are doing great.

Lets do a better job of staying in touch. I will keep coming back to FarmStrong.


8:50 PM EDT  

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