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Monday, July 02, 2007
Cousin Camp Day 2

Ok-- I know-- we missed day 2. Here's the recap with bullet commentary.
--Trip to Cincinnati Aquarium (1 hour in the aquarium and two hours in the aquarium gift shop)
--lunch at Johnny Rockets (we are the nightmare two hour lunch customers-- i.e. 4 kids meals split between the whole mob and 1 milkshake with 10 water cups. did they ever hate to see us coming!!!)
--Surfed the Newport mall and spent 1.5 hours purchasing Heelies (that's tennis shoes with wheels for you unlearned).
--SnowCones-- (we are the dream outdoor mall customers) which Cousin Eliza promptly spilled all over her feet-- picture the ice cold sugar water drizzling through her flip-flops over her toes.
--I was so disoriented by the day that I actually got lost twice in Lexington trying to get home.
--Yard Games + Arts and Crafts upon arrival back home.
--Neighborhood Golf Cart Rides
--Rib-Fest. (Mom and Dad sent us two major racks of ribs from Star City's famous Guy's Bar-b-que.
--Spirit Award Update: Joy Award to Savannah. Peace Award to David. Patience Award to Mary Kathryn. Kindness Award to Eliza. Generosity Award to Lily.
Still up for Grabs: Faithfulness--Gentleness--Self Control.
Day 3 report coming tomorrow.

The video below comes straight from the Cousin Camp Indescribable Tour. I failed to give props to the official sponsor of Cousin Camp-- Chris Tomlin.

posted by John David Walt | at 7/02/2007 10:49:00 PM



Blogger Morgan said...

This is the cutest thing I have seen all day. This is very random, but I am doing an intensive Greek course right now and my instructor said he liked to think of the perfect active/middle stem of one of our verbs as a cute perfect. The kids are far, far cuter. It's great to see PJ praise dancing, although I'm not so sure your neighbors feel the same.

2:02 AM EDT  
Blogger Omar said...

Lil has some mad dance/throw the stuffed animal skills.

Pefect commentary at the end there, John David.

10:55 AM EDT  
Anonymous john page said...

Su-weet! Ya'll are establishing some wonderful family traditions. Thanks for including us in on the fun via the blog!

3:06 PM EDT  

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