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Saturday, June 30, 2007
Cousin Camp Day 1

This short clip is from the Cousin Camp Town Tour--- this is part of the block party Toby Mac get your groove on at the Crocketts House.

Note to FARMStrongers-- Cousin Camp is becoming an annual affair at my house and completely hijacks the blog. If you aren't into the family reunion vacation genre, you might tune back in after next week when we will be getting back to some more regular fare.

Cousin Camp Day 1 is now in the books. We started the day off with a pancake and sausage feast, followed by the Fruit of the Spirit Devotions. We hit Ichthus Park, the Luce Center Pool, Nicholasville Bowling Lanes, Main Street Hot Stone Pizza Party and a Concert in the Park--after which we had the Cousins Birthday Party and finally in the bed just moments ago. Today was Joy-Love Day. And yes, we could have used a good bit more of those two. Savannah won the Fruit award for the day.

Jody-- ala main street-- a.k.a. my beautician, loaned us her golf cart for the week which has been lots of fun.

funniest (but not so funny) moment of the day: Samuel (1.5) rares back with a wiffle ball bat and completely tees off on Chase's (2) head. He screamed bloody murder and then tackled him.

Tiffani worked with the group to make iron on t-shirts for the week. Note the first one came out a little funny. stay tuned.

posted by John David Walt | at 6/30/2007 10:09:00 PM



Blogger r o b said...

hey jd, cousin camp sounds like a blast. these annual family traditions make for life long memories!! sounds like a blast.

10:37 PM EDT  
Anonymous chad said...

is that an ale-8 in your hand?...gotta love the kentucky crack.

10:56 PM EDT  
Blogger Omar said...

since when did you start wearing a yankees hat?

1:55 AM EDT  
Blogger eli said...

first, a comment about david. "he likes to move it, move it." second, a comment in agreement with omar...a YANKEE hat. gag!

5:14 PM EDT  
Anonymous Eric Kieb said...

Oh J.D. m ribs hurt. Thanks for sharin'

Peace & Hope,


1:37 AM EDT  
Anonymous john page said...

A yankees hat...in the middle of Kentucky?

3:02 PM EDT  

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