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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
EasterTide Quote
"Because Jesus lives to triumph,
there will be the real Community,
with its real Banquet
in its real City
amid its real Splendor,
as no penultimate community
or banquet
or city
or splendor is
really just and loving or tasty or civilized or golden.

The church has to rehearse that sentence in all her assemblings,
explicitly and in detail."

Robert Jensen, How the World Lost its Story
Photo: This is the first newspaper advertisement I have ever seen highlighting the celebration of the 50 days of Easter. It was in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette the week prior to Easter, when everyone else was advertising their Easter Sunday extravaganzas. This Pentecostal Church has the vision don't they?


posted by John David Walt | at 4/24/2007 08:47:00 PM



Anonymous Jamey Lee said...

This is a good reminder for me to remember the banquet table awaiting when I serve or receive communion. Often church can be about sin management and communion unfortunately magnifies that. But what if we repent of our sin as we come expectantly awaiting the coming of the fullness of the Kingdom of God? I'll tell you what, the Kingdom will come.

9:57 PM EDT  

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