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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
idol update
anybody noticing how idol is getting more and more bold with their editorializing through the guest-coach-artists. Tonight they clearly skewed things with the editorial use of gwen stefani's commentary. it creates a powerful suggestion pre-performance that the judges often amp up in their post-performance critique.

as for sanjaya-- HE'S GOTTA GO. Worse than bad this week. Loved Simon's comment re: his hair-- "There was clearly not a mirror in your dressing room." would have liked to seen blake take on the hey baby hey baby hey routine-- thought jordan botched it. prediction: haley is gone this week.

another interesting feature of idol-- most reality shows work by voting for the worst. in other words, someone gets voted off the island. idol works through voting for the best. the least vote getter is gone. i suspect its what makes for the money via text messaging fees. any thoughts on the reversal philosophy here?

by the way-- did i mention that simon cowell is making 35million for his part on the show. and another 30 million for the same role in britian's pop idol.

more to come.
posted by John David Walt | at 3/27/2007 10:18:00 PM



Blogger Matt Purmort said...

Hey JD, wasn't sure if you saw SNL's take on Sanjaya, go here


10:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Meredith said...

Chad and I watched American Idol last night for the first time since the early rounds of the auditions. The best description that I've heard about Sanjaya so far is that he is "a yowling bean pole". The guy needs to go!
-Mere Maw

10:03 AM EDT  
Anonymous John Page said...

Sanjaya's hair, um, yeah. It's like he's testing how far he can go. If you're interested on my full recap of the night, go to www.godthoughts.net and see if you agree.
I do think Haley, Chris R are in the bottom three for sure.
Gina rocked it!

10:52 AM EDT  
Blogger Dan Lowe said...

someone has way too much time on his hands...

3:29 PM EDT  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

dan. . . . . speaking of pain in the #@%.

5:47 PM EDT  
Anonymous John Page said...

Okay, JD, what does the fact that Sanjaya STILL is on the show and a quality singer like Chris Sligh is off say about the taste of the american public?

Has novelty taken over quality?

10:12 AM EDT  
Blogger eli said...

it's humanity's quest to conquer process...much like original sin. btw, dan lowe is not a pain in the arse, he HAS a pain in his arse.

11:54 AM EDT  
Blogger Scott said...

Have you heard about this vote for the worst campaign? I'm sure there is some kind of interesting commentary on culture that can be made here.

5:17 PM EDT  

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