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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me. . . .
Actually it was last week I got the gift that keeps on giving-- a good old fashioned stomach virus. It's making its way through the FARMStrong Fam at the moment. No fun. I think I've captured what I think you will identify with as a "universal experience" with the lines below. Be Warned-- graphically explicit lyrics ahead.

You're certain you might be a poet
when you are awakened
by an obsessive like compulsion at 1:47
in the morning
to verse about what happened two nights ago
around the same time. . . . .

when the silent alarm sounded
in the pit of stomach hell
raising the terror alert 2 colors of pale
messaging the inevitability
of a complete evacuation of the cavity

only you decide to lay there
8 more minutes
or however long your brain
can manage to lie to your bowels
all the while the signs are growing

(though the heart may be deceived noone fools the guts)

like a headline ripped from guantanamo bay
gastro-intestinal terrorists
set off explosions
and prepare to seal off the exits

Last in-- first out
chunks blow
liquids flow
and the long dead prison guards
are the last to go
bitter bile of a digestive riot

The Fear is totalizing
liquefying logs
making everything else Jump!
defying gravity

That's the scene
bowing before the porcelain throne
heaving ejaculations
of everything
you never wanted to taste again
wave on wave
wondering how long before
you can send in a
S.W.A.T. (suppository with anti-terrorism tactics) Team
posted by John David Walt | at 12/26/2006 09:25:00 PM



Blogger eli said...

holy sh...well, i guess in actuality it would be unholy from the sounds of things. Nicely done. By the way, I happen to know from experience (or experiences traced to my less than pristine youth) that if hurling is expected, Honeycomb cereal is the best re-tasting thing ever made.

10:42 PM EST  
Blogger shannon said...

JD- my that was graphic- is everyone well now? Love to all -shannon

10:28 PM EST  
Blogger Omar said...

john david whistles beef.... yummy.

1:41 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:08 AM EST  
Anonymous JP said...

Only you could extract poetry from vomiting. Oddly, yet, nicely done.

2:43 PM EST  

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