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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Fullness of Time
like noon rides high
no need for watch
just watch the sky

a dozen bells
unveil the wind
unwinding clocks
begin again

convulsing Earth
rends from above
mystical curtain
hiding love

rhetorical quandry
forsaken eclipse
as the sound of
side-splitting laughter rips

Spent the day yesterday at my favorite place, the Abbey of Gethsemane, in Trappist, Kentucky. Sitting in the Cathedral waiting on the Noon Office Prayer Time (a.k.a. Sext = Latin term for "sixth" hour). I was thinking about how Advent marks the fullness of time (i.e. "in the fullness of time God sent his son born of a woman.") In a similar fashion, high noon also marks the fullness of time, and particularly the high noon of Jesus crucifixion. The poem attempts to freight some of that hour.

The photo depicts one of the Abbey's less public renditions of the stations of the cross. It is a bit of a fugitive photograph in that I had to sneak down a "monastic area keep out" hallway to capture it.

"Poetry is not the assertion that something is true, but the making of that truth more fully real to us." T.S. Eliot


posted by John David Walt | at 11/21/2006 07:44:00 AM



Blogger eli said...

Thanks, JD. No comments other than thanks for sharing this and for being willing to be a "feline filcher for farmstrong photography." check out my latest; an expression for a person who has been unable up until now to know God's presence throughout her life (though by grace that is changing).

12:21 PM EST  

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