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Sunday, November 19, 2006
Sabbath verse
Sabbath work
makes wiser rest
revealing anxiety's
accomplishment test
still confronts striving
for love long repressed
unveiling the crying
of wounds to be blessed
24 hour embrace
of the Best.

I came up with this one a few weeks back on a day of rest that was scorched with the temptation to get out the to-do list. Make sense what I am saying here? Rest is the ultimate act of faith is it not--a rebuke of the economy of self striving--choosing instead to breathe the air of eternity.

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posted by John David Walt | at 11/19/2006 02:56:00 PM



Anonymous chad said...

The idea of "true" rest has been something that I have been thinking about over the last year.....I was forced into it when I kept getting sick after a big project at The Wesley Foundation.

Along these lines I have really been trying to understand a more "God Rhythm" in everything I do in life, and I think the idea of Sabbath really fits into this. I look at the Life of Christ in the gospels and I see this sort of life played out. I really thought about this alot when I was raking my yard and I realized that we are so busy at times so that we can afford to rest....

great poem JD

6:26 PM EST  
Blogger eli said...

I like the phrase "sabbath work," JD, because it makes me think of the paradox of Jesus' invitation to bear his light yoke. He's saying that we WILL wear a yoke, it's just a question of which one. We will work to pursue rest, but his rest is best because it is a gift from him.

12:18 PM EST  
Blogger Mark said...

JD these are really intriging thoughts on sabbath, there is such a connection between this "rebuke of the economy of self striving" is the way of worship. There is something in these thoughts that perhaps need to make there way into your Refresh talk. If there is one thing that us in campus ministries need to be practicing as a way that becomes a demonstration for others, it is Sabbath keeping. I say this because most of us in campus ministry work in one of the most success oriented cultures out there. Filled with students trying to find their identity in real crisis oriented years of their lives. I am grieved that many of our students desire God, but either don't have time for him, or are to busy trying to gain his approval that they don't see Him either.

I've been thinking of Jesus words in Mark 7 lately. "they worship me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me..." This tremendous striving spirit among our college crowd here at Fox is so often coupled with debilitating anxiety. As much as I desire to challenge them to go deeper, to heal, to bring the mess of our lives before the Father, I hear a continual resistence of sorts from some. "We don't have time for that." The call to come and die can become one more thing on a list of possible things to fail at.

I myself must find my way into a greater "sabbath work" of sorts.

10:28 PM EST  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

good reflection mark-- lauren wynter (sp?) will be at refresh and doing some teaching on sabbath keeping i think. i had suggested doing that myself and was told she would be doing it.

you make some good observations about the nature of distraction-- either in being too busy for God or seeking his approval such that they don't see God. that's good. and I hear your frustration at holding out seeming good news and being rebuffed. how do people seek healing who know not they need it? it's the same everywhere though. you will find a few who are searching for the great pearl who will actually sell all to get it-- the rest are mere window shoppers.

search for the searchers. that is where the kingdom lives.

and please be praying for my refresh preparations-- as usual-- behind a bit.

8:49 AM EST  
Blogger Patricia said...

Hi JD! My 16 year old daughter showed me your blog and I have been drawn to your comments about Sabbath. You said, "Rest is the ultimate act of faith is it not...?" I was not raised to observe a Sabbath rest and it has only been in my middle years that I have changed the way I obey that command...and it has been a process. The turning point for me was definitely an act of faith. It was a little thing, really, but huge to me. I was caring for my bedridden mother 24/7 and on any given day, her care resulted in mounds of laundry. I was rather fanatical about cleanliness and keeping up with the laundry..and with a busy family that included two teen boys (dirt magnets), I did laundry every day so that I didn't get behind. One day I heard the Father tell me to not do laundry on the Sabbath. "I'll be so far behind on Monday morning if I don't" I whined to Him. But I knew He was asking me to trust Him...to have faith that He would redeem my time if I just quit striving so hard to do it myself. I did. He did. And I haven't done laundry on Sunday in 6 or 7 years now. Over these years, He has led me into greater and greater rest. I'm not legalistic about it...if something truly needs to be done on the Sabbath, I do it without guilt...but if it is a matter of "self striving" then I have learned that trusting the Father is best. Over the past few months I have started celebrating a Sabbath rest with my camera...as I photograph the glory and wonder of His Creation that the Father reveals around me.

Be blessed!

7:45 AM EDT  

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