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Friday, October 20, 2006
Coming Back

Man have I ever missed FARMStrong. And I fear I have lost my 8 wwr's. (that's bloghand for world wide readers).

Whatever the case, I'm ready to get moving again. We've been through some particularly difficult days at Asbury Seminary.

We baptized our Samuel last Sunday and I thought I would reemerge with a photo and a poem from the occasion.

The Poem is aptly titled


the Seed
of a Word
made flesh
Liquid Love
like Spirit
Life Forever
in the field
of a

We baptized Samuel along with his cousin, Chase, on the banks of the Arkansas River. Both my parents and Tiffani's parents live on the river about 2 hours apart. Tiffani's folks graciously hosted us at their home for the baptism celebration. The bridge is part of the spectacular view my parents have of the river. And doesn't the bridge make an interesting statement about baptism.

Let me know if you are still with me.
posted by John David Walt | at 10/20/2006 08:59:00 PM



Blogger melissa d. said...

Still with you! I was excited to see the little "(1)" pop up next to your blog name in safari.

I really like the poem, especially put with the picture of you two. Very cool.

Glad to see you back!

10:35 PM EDT  
Blogger George said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment. I always look forward to reading your blog.

11:28 PM EDT  
Anonymous chad said...

thanks for always sharing j.d. we are excited to get you back in wilmore

11:41 PM EDT  
Blogger DGH said...

The devoted RSS readers will never leave...if if you try to get rid of us..and Thanks for the poem...Loved it! And I even taked about you and your poety in on eof my latest blog posts. Congrats...and God bless!

12:48 AM EDT  
Blogger Omar said...

Still here... never left.

Nice pic in the last post. Congrats... FARMStrong is now on a Homeland Security watch list.

1:17 AM EDT  
Blogger Matt Purmort said...

How good is God? he can even use the Arkansas River as a means of grace. Keep up the bloggin' JD its one of my favorites to check.

9:51 AM EDT  
Blogger brandon said...


We are still here with you too. This was a good post to come back with. Thank you for sharing this family moment with your fellow bloggers.

Welcome back.

12:44 PM EDT  
Blogger eli said...

Congratulations to the Walt family! Samuel is a blessed blessing and I'm excited for him on the day of his "watering." I'm also glad you were able to get out of the muck for a few days. I pray that God begins the healing at Asbury...I'm sure you'll be a part of that my friend.

2:18 PM EDT  
Blogger Michel said...

Still an avid reader JD. Love the picture. Poetry Worthy... hmmmm...

4:10 PM EDT  
Blogger gmw said...

with you man. congrats on a beautiful baptism.

5:02 PM EDT  
Blogger Timothy Putnam said...

Always here! Ready to be counted among the wwr.

6:19 PM EDT  
Anonymous JP said...

You're up to 12 wwr!

10:39 AM EDT  
Blogger b.h. swan said...

Farmstrong does it again. An amazing poem J.D.

12:59 PM EDT  
Blogger Hannah said...

i love the picture. i need to send u the ones i took. send me ur email address. looove the poem. haha even though i got a sneak peek

3:48 PM EDT  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

back in the shire now--- and feeling the comment love. thanks FARMStrongers so much. needed that.

7:57 PM EDT  
Blogger MCL said...

Glad you made it back safely. We missed you and your family and look forward to seeing you guys. Beautiful picture of God's grace and love.

8:58 PM EDT  
Blogger shelley said...

of course I am still with you. I love the poem. I miss you guys and think about you so often.

9:37 PM EDT  
Blogger David Walt said...

Hey cousin,

This is David Mathews Walt from LR. It's been too long. What a lovely family you have- most of the credit(and looks) going to Tiffani. Here is my contact info.

1512 Pine Valley Rd.
LR, AR 72207
Cell # 501-580-5130

Best wishes,

10:08 PM EDT  
Blogger The LeRoys said...

still here, brother. your fellow 'shirelings' are glad to have you back.

12:20 AM EDT  
Blogger The Visual Edition said...

!Viva Las Farmstrong!

JD your love for blogging is spreading.. both VisualEdition and Kentexan are consistantly blogging now!

12:26 AM EDT  
Blogger ap said...

oh, i'm still with you.

1:11 PM EDT  
Blogger ap said...

oh, i'm still with you.

1:11 PM EDT  
Blogger Mark said...

JD- Love to the Family. Proud to see little Samuel splashing around in living water.

3:33 PM EDT  
Blogger Isaac said...

You were gone? I thought you were just mumbling quietly to yourself all this time.

Good to have to back though :)


12:49 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad you are back. bless you.

8:33 AM EDT  
Blogger Jamey said...

We love you guys. Thanks for introducing infant baptism into our family--I'll baptize John Mark on Thanksgiving weekend.
G, Shell, and fam

12:06 AM EDT  

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