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Monday, September 04, 2006
The Crickets
"The crickets sang in the grasses. They sang the song of summer's ending, a sad, monotonous song. 'Summer is over and gone,' they sang. 'Over and gone, over and gone. Summer is dying, dying.'

The crickets felt it was their duty to warn everybody that summertime cannot last forever. Even on the most beautiful days in the whole year--the days when summer is changing into fall--the crickets spread the rmor of sadness and change.

Everybody heard the song of the crickets. Avery and Fern Arable heard it as they walked the dusty road. They knew that school would soon begin again. The young geese heard it and knew that they would never be little goslings again. Charlotte heard it and knew that she hadn't much time left. Mrs. Zuckerman, at work in the kitchen, heard the crickets, and a sadness came over her, too. 'Another summer gone,' she sighed. Lurvy, at work building a crate for Wilbur, heard the song and kenw it was time to dig potatoes.

'Summer is over and gone,' repeated the crickets. 'How many nights till frost?' sang the crickets. 'Good-bye, summer, good-bye, good-bye!'

An apt quote to remember this Labor Day from my favorite story, Charlotte's Web. We took our children to see Barnyard on Saturday which was a lot of fun. I was delighted to see in the previews that we have the major motion picture of Charlotte's Web this Christmas. They have fashioned a quite perfect tag line for the film: "Help is coming from above." I have been studying Charlotte's Web for the last few years while reading it to my kids and find that it almost perfectly contains the story of God in Christ. More on that to come. Thanks E.B. White.
posted by John David Walt | at 9/04/2006 09:28:00 AM



Blogger Amie Lou said...

Not to sound like I missed the boat of your post but, our church has been plagued by a cricket the last week or so. It started its chirping most perfectly during a comedic pause in the sermon last wednesday night.

10:46 AM EDT  
Blogger DGH said...

I can't wait for The Web! Tiffany saw the movie poster and freaked out, ha ha.... Thanks for te memories!

12:43 PM EDT  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

thanks al-- now you know what the cricket was trying to say. ;-)

12:44 PM EDT  
Blogger eli said...

for those on sabbatical and somewhat in shape, it's a sad song that they sing. for those of us covering sabbaticals and highly insulated, we are glad to see the hectic, humid hell of summer pass. always enjoy bringing a different perspective.

3:23 PM EDT  

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