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Monday, August 07, 2006
One More Night (hopefully)
I took the gang down to see Samuel and Mom this evening. The Dr. came in and said he wanted to keep him longer. The swelling hadn't gone down as he had hoped. All the blood counts, tests and so forth look fine. He ran off six or seven meaningless scientific words of what it could be and in the midst of that I understood "cat-scratch fever" yet he said that was doubtful. Anyhow, I just got the crew in bed here-- which is no small feat. The upside of this is I am much more "up to speed" with the intense nature of Tiffani's days. But you already knew that one Tiff day is equal to 6.5 of JD days. ;-) Wrapping up-- they want to call in an infectious diseases doctor to take a look at Samuel tomorrow tro get his counsel. Hopefully they will send us home with an oral antibiotic tomorrow and we can start recovering from Cousin Camp 06. We're working with NetFlix on an early dvd release of the "short" film by that same name. More to come. Stay tuned.

And please keep praying. I'm more and more convinced that to really pray releases supernatural love in the world which does miraculous things among us.
posted by John David Walt | at 8/07/2006 09:40:00 PM



Anonymous Matthew said...

I'd like to see a side by side comparison of a "Tiff day" and a "JD day". The Richter scale (not Sandy) increases by powers of ten so I figure a "Tiff day" is at least four powers of ten more seismic than my wife's since we only have one child, so already I have the feeling that a "Tiff day" is more work than I want to imagine.

Then there's my picture of a JD day:

9:00AM -- Rollin' onto campus
9:15AM -- "Hold my calls, Peg, I'm going to pray."
10:30AM -- Wake up from nap ...errr... finish praying. I'm kind of hungry. Maybe I'll mosey over to Solomon's Porch with my laptop for "brunch".
11:50AM -- Well back to the office for another..uh..prayer time.
1:00PM -- Wha!!?! Oh, sorry. Wasn't expecting my cell phone to ring with my new Chris Tomlin ring tone. Hello? Nolan! Glad you're back in the Holy City. Sure, I've always got time to play golf with an old friend.
4:45PM -- Back to the office with a 99. Not bad. Oh, President Greenway. You're looking holy today. Look forward to hearing you in chapel tomorrow.
5:15PM -- I am tired and hungry baby. Busy day, you know.
9:30PM -- Now where did I put that teddy bear....

10:39 PM EDT  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

dude-- you are so toast-- watch your blog. . . . . . ;-)

11:19 PM EDT  
Blogger shannon said...

We are praying constantly for little Sam and all of you- we love you-Shannon and Iain

9:36 AM EDT  

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