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Sunday, June 11, 2006
In Celebration of Trinity Sunday
The Trinity

O Community of Trinity
Three in One yet One in Three
Father, Son and Spirit

O Community of Trinity
Holy indwelling infinity
Father, Son and Spirit
Come and Dwell

O Community of Trinity
Composer of all reality
Father, Son and Spirit
Create anew

O Community of Trinity
Friendship enfolding humanity
Father, Son and Spirit
Breathe your breath

O Community of Trinity
True Love the World intends to be
Father, Son and Spirit
Come and Dance

O Community of Trinity
Longing the Cosmos to be free
Father, Son and Spirit

O Community of Trinity
Story of all Doxology
Father, Son and Spirit
Glory Be

O Community of Trinity
God who is and was and is to be
Father, Son and Spirit
Reign in me

O Community of Trinity
Creator of Serendepity
Father, Son and Spirit

John David Walt, Jr.
Trinity Sunday, 2004


posted by John David Walt | at 6/11/2006 08:57:00 AM



Blogger eli said...

thanks for sharing your poetic thoughts on the trinity. the spirit must be moving in threes...without realizing it was trinity sunday, i wrote a version a couple of days ago on my blog (feetclean). i sent a suggestion to your email, which is hilarious since it is about not getting email. i'll send the message via mutual friend.

10:46 PM EDT  
Blogger DGH said...

Thank you so much JD! I am a Trinity freak...and evn though Florence UMc did not celebrate it today...he is ding a series on the Creeds, so we are getting it over the course of this sermon series. I am a freak about Trinity....so much so...that through out my entire Ordination process, tons of peple asked me why I used "Trinity" in place of "God" so often...or why I clarified the three persons of Trinity so often when I used "God", heh heh... I really see that it boils all down to relationship...and this ultimate relationship is centered in Trinity..and what is so amazing is that we have been invited into this relationship! Holy Moley! (i was going to say cow...but oh wel, heh heh)...man I love them/God so! Thank you for this poem! It should be in your top 40! You got my vote, heh.

Have fun @ Ichthus...(if you go)... Tiffany and I will be leading a Jr. camp in West Texas next week! Take care!

12:03 AM EDT  
Blogger gmw said...

Mmmm, very nice, JD. Thanks.

9:47 AM EDT  

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