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Friday, June 02, 2006
Conversion (a working title)
like a wooden bucket
must be sent
into the
well of
which is
journeying up until parched no more.

I wrote this one the other morning while in Houston. We're back by the way.


posted by John David Walt | at 6/02/2006 05:25:00 PM



Blogger Omar said...

I like this, because being in Dallas this week has been a struggle between anger and love... jihad and the cross.

8:18 PM EDT  
Blogger brandon said...

This is a good thought, ridding ourselves of anger, and the hate we sometimes carry in our heart.

I may be reading into this too much, but is there more to the "water" in this poem than meets the eye?

3:06 PM EDT  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

omarley-- welcome back from the little "d." the big D is actually Dumas--Arkansas, my hometown.

Brandon-- would love to hear your take on the "water." curious to know how it struck you?

5:09 PM EDT  
Blogger mattmaher said...

just hung out all day and prayed with Catholics from Boston.....i cannot think of a place with more built up anger at God; at neighbour; at the leadership...........and outside...it rained....on the eve of Pentecost....it rained....so beautiful....
JD - your email is kickin back.

11:39 PM EDT  
Blogger brandon said...

On "water": this poem creates for me a good visual for the process of deliberately sending away the things that do not edify all that contributes to "Love."

I immediately think of "the Samaritan woman at the Well" in John 4.

But this also stuck a chord with me in remembering my baptism. In the Baptist tradition, baptism is a profession of faith, much like a wedding ring is worn as a profession of marriage. But if we look at Baptism as a holy sacrament, rather than a simple profession of faith, it paints a whole new picture of the act. It further leads me to think of "baptism," but not in water any longer, but it is the Baptism of the Spirit that I think of here, allowing the anger or (insert sin here) to be sent away.

I am not sure if this is a direction you were going, but this is what I saw in this poem titled, "Conversion."

1:23 PM EDT  
Anonymous JP said...

I don't care what Wendell Berry says, farmstrongers love your poetry because it reaches us deeply...accept it!
The stylistic way you formatted this one adds to its power....baptismal imagery, coming up in love...living water....maybe you should go to annual conference more often..wink!
I'm getting very close to launching the god-thoughts site. I'll keep you posted.

3:55 PM EDT  

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