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Monday, May 01, 2006
What's wrong with these pictures???!!!

I should point out the camera time settings are on Eastern Time and we are in the Central zone.

We couldn't wait. . . . . . Tiff probably spent a total of 3.2 days on the telephone with Delta agents working to finagle frequent flyer point tickets for our long awaited trip to "da beach." She booked them-- count em--5 tickets (not including Samuel) at 50,000 points a ticket. Our flight was to leave today at the nice leisurely hour of 11am. We packed on Saturday and would have our Sunday to relax and rest up. But Saturday night, in literally the 11th hour, just before midnight, we made the completely irrational decision to DRIVE!! So the day of rest was traded in for a 11 hour Van ride. We got here last night about 6pm and yes-- went straight to the beach for our first bucket of shells.

It's now just after 7am and believe it or not-- I've already had a full day. It started at 3am when Lily woke up in the foreign baby bed screaming for me to rescue her. I promptly put her in my bed where she proceeded to kick for the next several hours, exiling me to the 1/8 inch margin of the otherwise very comfortable Hampton Inn Bed. (ever been in the position at the end of the bed where you have to flap up the hotel duvet to attempt to shield yourself from the freeon actually blasting from the hotel air-conditioner?) I'd say the vacation is off to a great start! ;-) Anyhow-- I tried switching over to David's bed and he did the same #*@% thing--somehow managing to take up the entire queen sized bed with his 3'10'' frame. I think God must with me because I feel strangely energized. (11 hours of driving in the RAIN + 2 hours of sleep = Holy Spirit power.)

So David has already looked out the window 8 times now waiting for the neighboring putt-putt golf course to open up. PlayHouse Disney is on the television, the clock radio is on fairly loud (thank God it's country). We have already played 2 games of beach volley-ball in the room (see photo). Lily and I have been down stairs where I peeled the film off my eyes as we awaited the complimentary buffet to open. We had "hot choc" and coffee beachside waiting for the sun to come up-- sounds romantic?? it. . . . . . . WAS.

So now we are combing through our already growing shell collection, dancing to country music (seriously) and otherwise waiting for the group in the adjoining room to wake up. (Tiffani, Mary Kathryn, Samuel and Grandy--Jerry Dunnam). How could they sleep through such fun???!!!

posted by John David Walt | at 5/01/2006 07:56:00 AM



Anonymous JP said...

I'm laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair! I thought Stacey and I were the only ones to have "vacations" like that...except ours usually involve one of our daughters (never both at the same time thank God!) vomiting in the van...yeah!
But man, what memories, never boring! Enjoy and have fun!!

9:17 AM EDT  
Blogger mattmaher said...

soooooo coool.
- you are becoming more and more father to learn how to be a true son of the FATHER.
amen amen amen amen

11:33 PM EDT  

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