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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Red Moon Rising

The amazing simplicity of the beach is the unrelenting constancy of the waves. They just keep on and on and on, never stopping. Since we've been here, wave on wave on wave crash on the shore. It's a great metaphor for the Spirit of God. Flowing, coursing, crashing, wave on wave on wave.

In light of that picture, I want to share a bit from a book I've been reading while here. Jonathan Diggs, a new student at Asbury, graciously gave me this book a few weeks ago. It's called Red Moon Rising, How 24-7 Prayer is Awakening a Generation.

The book really traces the movement back to Hernhut and the 125 year 24-7 Moravian Prayer Movement. Many of you will recognize this as the proximate cause of the Wesleyan revival in England. This book is stirring up a lot of waves in me. A few quotes.

"A generation that finds itself in the crux of such a change has a significant responsibility for shaping the new ways of thinking that will define its own age but also that of the coming era. When Christians get it right at such times, adapting themselves tot eh changing culture and finding new language for timeless truths, the Gospel spreads more easily for years to come because it makes sense to people. However, when the Church gets it wrong by resisting change and enshrining nostalgia, we risk apparent irrelevance and an upward struggle." (p.22)

"the opportunities presenting themselves to us at the dawn of the third millenium are no longer those of the great, post-war stadium rallies. Our opportunities are those of the World Wide Web, budget travel, the rise of tribalism, and the postmodern desire for community, authentic spirituality and social justice." (p.74)

"With just ninety verses in the Bible about music and 375 about prayer, we are long overdue for a cultural revolution in teh way we pray--not just in order to keep up with the changing times, but also, as we shall see, to be truly biblical in the way sin which we wait upon God." (p.85)
posted by John David Walt | at 5/02/2006 11:06:00 PM



Anonymous JP said...

Nice book! keep the quotes coming

2:20 PM EDT  
Anonymous Susan Ferguson said...

One on the waves...I used to think the analogy of God's Spirit moving in waves meant there was spaces of time in which He was not as evident. But when I really think about the waves on the seashore, the analogy points more to a constancy of presence and action...sometimes gentle, sometimes more turbulent, but always He is present and at work.
On prayer versus music. Isn't it odd that so many Christians, and I admit to counting myself in that number all too often, claim that they need music to draw them to prayer. It reminds me what Marva Dawn told us about being careful who/what we worship. The fact that prayer is mentioned so many times more than music in the Bible makes me wonder why we don't have Prayer Departments at Seminaries and Christian Universities.

8:26 AM EDT  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

exactly susan-- maybe you will be a prophet on this one. thanks for the comment love-- keep it flowing.

10:22 AM EDT  

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