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Wednesday, May 31, 2006
the Quandry
question or Command!?
But the Quandry. . . . . . .
Who is J.?
The indulgent god of
abundant life
weekly restocking the sale racks of
religious retail. . . . . . .
The revolutionary Reverserer of
everything wrong
daily disemboweling the marketplace
lies about Love
perfuming the path of reality with
pierced feet

(photo: 3 of our children enjoying the colorful fountain in the central park on Market Street in The Woodlands, Texas. And no-- those aren't swimsuits!)


posted by John David Walt | at 5/31/2006 11:04:00 AM



Blogger Omar said...

THIS is a good poem. I have to be honest... being back in Dallas has reminded me first hand why I am so angry at the church these days (always a quandry for someone training for ministry, don't ya think). Two nights ago I laid in bed and fretted over the fact that the Jesus I keep reading about in Scripture is not the same Jesus I keep hearing preached at my old church, or on t.v, or from the White House, etc.

How to be a voice in the wilderness of the faith?

11:40 AM EDT  
Blogger Michel said...


I can help. I can get you a good deal on goatskin pants as well as a cookbook "1001 things to make with Locusts and HOney". Other than that I don't have any ideas.


4:15 PM EDT  
Blogger DGH said...

I want to play in the water...and then bring others into the fun!

11:52 PM EDT  
Anonymous JP said...

when are you going to publish a book of your poetry? Annual conference must be exciting to produce such verse.....

3:03 PM EDT  

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