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Friday, May 05, 2006
For My Wife (Prov. 31 remixed)
Quotidian Babe
Hides what I see
Ordinary dwelling in mystery
Makes the coffee
Takes out the trash
Nurses babies
Generates Cash
Changes Diapers
Washes 5 heads of hair
Earned PhD
in the school of care (and share)
Wal-Mart make-up
Chicly styled
Untamable spirit
laughter wild
Her practical wisdom
eschews my rhyme
as she builds a home
in the heartland of Time


posted by John David Walt | at 5/05/2006 10:15:00 PM



Blogger Omar said...

good.. you're starting to see that you have it better than 99% of husbands in the word. and 99.99999% of wives in the world would not put up with you and STILL love you at the same time, but yours does. how do i know this? because your wife and my wife have gotten together more than once and compared notes...

11:36 PM EDT  
Blogger Ben Witherington said...

J.D.--- I loved the pictures and commentary. I enjoyed the poem about Tif as well-- but what exactly do you mean by quotidian? And how come you go to the beach on the gulf of Mexico-- that ain't no ocean, that's a big warm bath tub. Oh, I know, its the Maxie Factor (not to be confused with Max Factor). Well we miss you here, and pray for safe travel. I quite agree that Tiff is wonder woman, I guess that makes you some other super hero-- How bout Under Dog ???


Ben W.

7:56 AM EDT  
Anonymous michele francesca said...

It's reminiscent of an old king's words - King Lemuel of Proverbs 31. Some of the verses (of Proverbs 31) speak of the woman's willingness in working with her hands, and of extending her hand to others ("share"). Another verse also says that she open's her mouth with wisdom. These are some of the virtues that are present here in your tribute.

Also, "Her husband... he praises her" (verse 28) That's for sure! ;-)

In other words, you are a witness that your wife is a virtuous wife. You are very blessed. :-)

12:39 PM EDT  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

Thank you thank you thank you--- ben-- the gulf of mexico is the "ocean of the south." our friend maxie says he will take it up with you in person. ;-) i quote here "ben-- i do not appreicate your snobbery!" ;-0

michele-- wow-- some real commentary on my verse. I AM THRILLED. you will be interested to know that i almost and still may title this poem proverbs 31 remixed.

10:02 PM EDT  
Anonymous michele francesca said...

Nice title J.D. :-) I thought that you had fashioned those verses with Proverbs 31 as blueprint. The fact remains that Tiffani does possess those virtues, and it's a credit to her.

The thing about her is not that she only does the job, but the attitude in which she does it is commendable. God not only calls for obedience, but further demands a joyful spirit in fulfilling it.

Thanks for the encouragement J.D.. By the way, that portrait of Tiff and Samuel looks like something right out of biblical times, what with the "babe wrapped in swaddling cloth" and all! ;-)

5:38 PM EDT  
Anonymous Amanda said...

Amazing poem J.D.
Tiffany is so blessed by you!

5:44 PM EDT  
Blogger mizpeach said...

J.D.- Love this poem, best one yet, but, it begs one question. Why is Tiffani the one taking out the trash? Mans's job. Love, Shannon

4:23 PM EDT  

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