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Saturday, May 27, 2006
FARMStrong on location
Hello Farmstrongers.

We're on location this week in Houston, Texas. Whole family has made the journey here on the occasion of the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. Tiffani and I are ordained in this Church and an appearance at the annual meeting is mandatory. Anyhow-- we all flew down here (except Molly, the dog)last night and are staying with our dear friends, Kevin and Kerry Henson (+ Kayla and Luke)at the spacious mansion of their parents, Chuck and Judy Cauthorn. And yes, for those of you wondering, they do have a pool and I was in there at 7:30am this morning. Thankfully there is also a significantly hot hot-tub in which I shook off the early symptoms of anaphalactic shock. That Eastern Time Zone to Central Time Zone thing is all over us.. . . . . it's just 9:30 and we are already eating third breakfast.

Speaking of Houston, I learned yesterday along with the rest of the world about the stunning verdicts in the Houston Based Enron trial. Chairman and CEO, Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling, were both found guilty on most all counts of fraud and conspiracy and could spend the rest of their formerly rich lives in jail. Throughout the airports as newspapers ruffled I could hear numerous smug voices of satisfaction at their demise. I, too, lost some significant coin through the Enron collapse, being a minor stock holder. . . . . . . but still, I absolutely hate to see this happening to them. You can read some great analysis on the Enron verdict (not to mention the entire trial) at my friend, Houston attorney, Tom Kirkendal's amazing blog,Houston's Clear Thinkers.

We'll stay in touch.
posted by John David Walt | at 5/27/2006 10:29:00 AM



Anonymous JP said...

Not sure what you meant by "hate to see this happening to them.."?? The fact that they got caught and pronounced guilty, or the public's heaping of shame upon them with glee? They cheated and lied and got busted, easy enough. Doesn't scripture say something about not delighting in another's demise? Proverbs...or the Gospels?

Annual conference over Memorial day weekend...great timing. Is yours as exciting as ours?

Swimming at 730 am??? living on the edge, JD!

8:08 AM EDT  
Blogger Michel said...

I'm with JP... I'm kind of struggling with the concept of "hate to see this happening to them". I went to your friends blog... I had a few issues with him too.

11:49 PM EDT  

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