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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Passion 06-- poetic justice

A definition of true worship I have been crafting for Passion Week:

True Worship happens where Divine suffering meets human embrace and where human suffering meet divine embrace.

Now for a short poem in rough draft that comes at the issue from another angle.

Divine impassibility
Is God into God
does God see me?
Can suffering dance with Sovereignty
musn't Love be free?

Divine Impenetrability
Does God feel pain
the thorns, the nails, the spear, the plea
My God have you forsaken Me or Thee?

Divine improbability
A God who dies
to follow Him means same for me

Read about the art piece above here.


posted by John David Walt | at 4/12/2006 10:03:00 PM



Anonymous melissa d. said...

That's a really cool definition of true worship. And I love the poem. The first question posed in it reminds me of Piper's message about how God's love for Himself isn't vain, it's perfect...and that Jesus' suffering wasn't "plan B." What an amazing thought to hang onto for this weekend- God always knew what He was doing, even and especially at the Cross. Thanks for the reminder, and for sharing your poetry.

Know that I'm still praying for you and your message for college chapel next friday...I'm so excited about what God's going to do :-)

12:46 AM EDT  

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