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Friday, April 07, 2006

Any theories out there on what happened to Mandisa? For the non-idolators who read this blog, Mandisa was clearly one of the best vocalists of American Idol Season 5. She was voted off the island on this week's show. Some say it was the "country curse." Others claim it was clear persecution of her Christian witness. Still yet others attribute it to our massive cultural bias against obesity. Finally, there are claims of racism given that both of the African American women were in the bottom three in this week's voting despite their clear vocal superiority to many of the other contestants. Your thoughts???
posted by John David Walt | at 4/07/2006 10:05:00 PM



Anonymous JP said...

I think the viewers of AI couldn't handle it when she sang "Shackles," it was too much for them...from their perspective, too in your face Gospel. And country isn't her forte, neither is it for Paris, that's why they were in bottom 3. Unfortunately, the causes above, along with a cultural bias against obese people finally was the telling blow. She didn't fit the female "image" of an AI singer. Men can be big, ie, Reuben, even Scott Savol from last year, but women have to fit into the appropriate box, ie Kelly C, Kelly P, Katherine McPhee, etc
That's sad, as Mandessa could belt it out, for sure!

11:40 AM EDT  
Blogger Marcus G said...

You know, from over here in Wales, and not meaning to go all Simon Cowell on you, the problem was - she was terrible. I loved her every other week; but her problem was not weight or faith or anything else. It's a singing competition... and she sang badly. Though if you gave me a country song to sing, I might just beat the all time record for fewest votes polled.
And personally I fear I might be succumbing to a mild dose of MacPheever...

7:34 PM EDT  
Blogger ap said...

i think it was as simple as no one liked her best. i liked her, but not the best and so i never voted for her. i think she succumbed to being one of the best, but favourite of few which is a bad combination--you think she's safe when she has little fan base.

2:10 PM EDT  

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