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Thursday, July 21, 2005
a fable

Set: In the car with David (5) Mary Kathryn (3) and Lily (15 mos.) enroute to home from supper at McDonalds.

David: Daddy, tell us the story of the rabbit and the turtle again. Remember that one you told us before?

Daddy: (proceeds to tell the story in as animated a fashion as possible.)

David: Where did you learn that story?

Daddy: It's a fable David.

David: What's a fable?

Daddy: A fable is a short story designed to teach you a lesson about something. Do you know what the lesson is of the rabbit and the turtle?

David: What is it?

Daddy: That the winner is the one who never stops moving no matter how slowly.

David: No. It's that the fastest is the slowest and the slowest is the fastest.

Daddy: YEAH!


Daddy: WOW DAVID! THAT'S AWESOME! You're so right!

It made me realize afresh how stories work and why Jesus was so keen on telling stories. Propositional insight, no matter how insightful, most often remains flat and unconvincing. Insight discovered in the world of the story provides explosive epiphany. . . . . . that changes everything! Any thoughts about this?

btw-- photo is of David's 5 yr old birthday party-- 7.18.05-- superfriends motif.


posted by John David Walt | at 7/21/2005 08:20:00 AM



Blogger Isaac said...

Isn't it neat how different people can put such an incredibly different spin on what a story means to them. With children, who have not yet been told what they must think, there is that freedom of sincere expression.

I am beginning to believe that your children know a lot more than we do about God and life JD. Maybe you could sign them up to teach a class at the seminary. May something like: Speak Your Mind 101, or You Silly Adults 502.

I would take that class...

12:37 PM EDT  
Blogger Michel said...

Gracious Lord,

I am so amazed at my favorite little theologian. Many thanks for him and for his parents, who show him what it means to love Jesus. AMEN.

3:01 PM EDT  
Blogger Omar said...

Amazing. Your kid's insights are a testament to who you are as their father. I hope that one day I can be half the dad your are and that my kids will have the insight into the heart of the Lord that David does.

4:41 PM EDT  
Blogger Laura said...

I was looking for some inspiration and browsing the Asbury website and I found your blog, John David! hello and it's been a while. I've been thinking about you and Tiffani a lot lately and am so thankful to see an update on your life and your kids (loved seeing the pictures). Regan is in Arkansas now with my parents and we have little Jane all to ourselves this week. What little blessings we have been given.

Laura Puryear

7:10 PM EDT  

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