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Monday, June 27, 2005
Yard Sale Find

the hat that is. . . . this is Mary Kathryn, our 3 year old, who is already enthralled with being a bride. this one may come in handy one day.

to read a great reflection on the point of sale check this out.
posted by John David Walt | at 6/27/2005 10:30:00 PM



Anonymous michele francesca said...

Hahaha... it wouldn't have occurred to me that your little one would be mistaken for one of the featured items on sale if you hadn't pointed out that it was the hat that was on sale in the first place! She's adorable J.D.. So this is the soon-to-be evangelist among other things... :-) I had just been thinking about asking you guys for pictures when you started to post them up. Great timing, my friend.

11:08 PM EDT  
Blogger alison said...

It's only my pleasure to pass along such a find to this sweet little bride-to-be!

9:01 AM EDT  
Blogger shelley said...

What a cute pic. Yardsales are the best!

3:11 PM EDT  
Blogger coach said...

jd, i love the pic of mary katherine. she is getting so big and is just beautiful. it was fun to see the kids at graduation.

7:07 PM EDT  
Blogger Katie said...

So cute!! I love and miss your sweet children.

9:06 PM EDT  

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