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Friday, April 01, 2005
tournament of stories
So last night as I am putting David and Mary Kathryn to bed David says to me, "Daddy, when I grow up I want to make a LOT of money. I want to be rich!" I said, in a shocked tone, "David! Where did you get that?" There was no answer. We continued reading Bible stories. We were reading the Kingdom parables-- mustard seed, yeast, hidden treasure, pearl of great price and so forth. A few minutes later, out of the clear blue, he freely offered this: "When we keep our eyes on Jesus we can walk on water. If we look away we will fall in." We hadn't read that story on this night, but he remembered it.

It reaffirmed to me the daily battle we all face-- the battle only a child will be bold enough to be honest about: the battle of stories. The story of "making a lot of money" vs. "When we keep our eyes on Jesus we can walk on water." They vie for priority in our life. Which will carry the day in David's life? Which carries the day in my own?

The one we constantly remember.


posted by John David Walt | at 4/01/2005 09:14:00 PM



Anonymous Suzanne said...

It's not just external stories, but our own life stories that vie for our attention. Whose story do I choose to think about--that of the abused, violated child, or that of the beloved daughter of Abba Father whose dark past can be transformed into a radiant future? Which story captures my mind and defines my identity? As you say, it is the one I think about.

12:54 PM EST  
Blogger Eric said...

As they say, "Out of the mouths of babes." I think that this is a good example of why Jesus insisted that we has so much to learn from the character and nature of children.

3:08 PM EST  
Anonymous Matt Maher said...

as i am typing this, i am watching the news report that the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II has passed into the arms of THE Father - our God, in heaven., and his example of living BY dying is such an earthly example - it is reported that at his death bed, he said "I have looked for you. Now you have come to me. And I thank you". - some are saying that he was talking to the young people outside in St. Peter's square - i think he was talking to Jesus.
- the witness that comes from one human being who, in the midst of challenge, suffering, and doubt, chooses to be part of God's story is something that makes even the angels themselves tremble - for that is the glory of God revealed.

3:26 PM EST  
Anonymous Big T said...

H'mm. Wasn't your son making that observation to a former investor in Enron? ;^)

8:58 AM EDT  
Blogger JohnDeere said...

That was a low blow big T-- paybacks! :-)

9:31 PM EDT  

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